A virtual reality journey of Leonid kadeniuk

Ukrainian Columbus

* Project can only be experienced with a VR headset.
A story of a difficult journey that awaits anyone who dreams of flying to space.

We are placing our viewers in Leonid Kadeniuk's "shoes" with the help of virtual reality, so they could experience his unique journey firsthand.
Ukrainian Columbus is a virtual reality project about the life and space travel of the first Ukrainian astronaut Leonid Kadeniuk.
We thought about the fact that all stories about space are stories about obsession. About the ability, as sung by Andy Williams, to reach the unreachable star.
Nikita Bohdanov
Creative Director
The idea is being implemented by a cross-disciplinary team led by   creative director Nikita Bohdanov and   creative producer and   game designer Oleksii Furman, who   created documentary, VR/AR projects and video games. The project team consists of   concept artists, 3D and   UI artists, game designers, programmers, tech artists and   composers. The project is created using   the Unreal Engine 4 game engine.
Насправді ж космонавтів виштовхує
в стратосферу зовсім не ракета-носій,
а сила їхнього бажання.
Микита Богданов
Креативний директор
The project was created with the support of:
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